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GALILEO is the first tablet created for professional diagnosis for motor vehicles.

Thanks to its ultralight weight and compact-size, wherever you are,
Galileo allows you to make complete and precise diagnosis as official tools.

Our first aim is, since the beginnings, to create a tool that would satisfy
any request of Motor Vehicle Repairer.
Any car workshop, due to the economic crisis, needs to reduce
Management costs and should pay attention to any investment
focusing on an excellent quality.

With that purpose we realized Galileo. Galileo is an instrument
studied for car workshops with restrained budget for investments
that want to offer to customers the best service.

Galileo is a tool adapt to everyone. Galileo can do “specific” diagnosis and
reprogramming and can be completely set up depending on the required car models.




- Innovative Design: compact-size and ultralight weight

- Battery life from 3 to 5 hours

- Capacitive touch screen

- Completely customizable as needed



- Wi-Fi

- Ethernet holder

- Bluetooth

- USB connectivity

- Windows CE 6.0



Dimensions are really incredible, the thickness is lower than a 2 Cent Euro Coin.
That characteristic allows an easy carriage and extreme comfort in driving tests.

Galileo slim

Galileo dimensioni



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Marconi Proxi


MARCONI PROXI allows to quickly perform the alignment and the modification of the trims (Proxi configuration).

With Marconi you can do post-installation and configuration of any optional on cars of the Fiat group. For example you can work on:

- Proxi Alignment

- Modification of Proxi Configuration

- Installation of Fog Lights

- Installation of Satellite Navigator [NAVMAP]

- Installation of Traditional navigator

- Installation of Car Radio

- Elimination/Addition DPF

- Installation of Cruise control

- Installation of Wheel Control

- Installation of Blue&Me (Convergence)

- Installation of Xenon Headlights

- Installation of Temperature Sensor/Rain Sensor/Crepuscular sensor

- Installation of Parking sensor

- Installation of Cornering lights

- Activation remote control key

- Selection of Braking system

and much more...

You can actually modify the configuration of the car and activate the added features; using Marconi your car will appear like if the car maker produced it with that setting.

The original tools allow only the alignment of the configuration, they cannot modify or add devices.

Thanks to these features is Marconi a unique and essential tool on the market for any people working on this car model.

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